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Frank Horvat : Alain Delon, Cannes, 1959.

Alfred Eisenstaedt: Actress Sophia Loren reading newspaper by candlelight while in costume for role in movie "Madame Sans Gene". July 1961

Philippe Halsman: US actress Marilyn Monroe posing for a cover photograph for LIFE Magazine, 1952.

Eve Arnold: US actress Marilyn Monroe waits for a plane to Champaign, Illinois, where she was to attend the centenary celebrations of the town of Bement. 1955.

Eugene Robert Richee: Marlene Dietrich, 1931

Loomis Dean: Marlene Dietrich appearing at the Sahara Hotel. Las Vegas, 1953

Philippe Halsman: American actress Grace Kelly wearing the gown she wore to the 1955 Academy Awards, when she won the Oscar for Best Actress for her performance The Country Girl, 1955

Philippe Halsman: American actress Marilyn Monroe posing in her two bedroom apartment. Under the lamp is a picture of Italian actress Eleonora Duse, whom Marilyn Monroe admired greatly. 1952.

Yousuf Karsh: Grace Kelly, 1956

Cecil Beaton: Marilyn Monroe, 1956

Eliot Elisofon: Actor Marlon Brando kneeling before actress Kim Hunter in a touching love scene from the Broadway production of Tennessee Williams's A Streetcar Named Desire. 1947

Milton Greene: Marilyn Monroe with mandolin. Los Angeles, California, 1953.

Milton Greene: Marilyn Monroe, 1953

John Florea: Marilyn Monroe, 1954

Ed Clark: Marilyn Monroe, 1950
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